Black Rock offers an unsurpassed portfolio of smartphone accessories tailored to meet your needs for protection and design. We work with award-winning designers and some of the best German engineers to fuse the best protection with a unique design. Our headquarters are in Berlin. Here, where the different people and cultures meet, we let ourselves be inspired by the trends of fashion, art and design. With a lot of love for the design, we create the products that you will hold in your hand later on.


In the mobile phone market, with its demand for constant innovations and improvements, we also apply this claim to the accessories. We are happy to try something new. As there is always room for improvement and innovation, we go beyond the conventional to find new ways.


We have a high quality standard and carefully check each of our products. Already in the development process we test all products with regard to our high standards of design, handling and durability. In this way we try to guarantee the best possible quality at all times.


We have a strong focus on design and are geared to the current trends. The individuality of individual people and their needs are reflected in our product range. With Black Rock we want to set fashion statements.


Black Rock collaborates with different partners like Schott AG, mag target or clip & talk to develop great products together.